About Us

We are family owned and operated  importer and wholesaler of unique hand-crafted quality products, from  Morocco, located in the suburb of Capalaba in Brisbane, QLD.

We visit Morocco yearly meeting with the artisans in villages to ensure a high quality product is produced. We do purchase special requests also, so if you have something in mind contact us and we can locate and ship for you.

Fair trade practices are employed -  The products that we source are all handmade and will therefore vary slightly in size and detail. We endeavour to provide you with as close as possible to what you see, but can't guarantee small changes and imperfections.
We deal directly with the artisans in the villages, thus ensuring any business generated goes directly to the villagers and continuing with the tradtions of many generations.

Both here and in Morocco we carefully follow the mantra, recycle, reuse and redcue. 90% of our packaging is collected and purchased second hand, from cartons to shredded paper.  

The work ethics of Moroccan Collections provides the very tools necessary in maintaining a lasting customer relationship and a friendly yet efficient customer service.